T-Bar Penetration Thermocouple Sensor

Product Code: TBAR

316 stainless steel T-Bar thermocouple (types K, J and T) assemblies for temperature measurement where penetration is required. Available in semi-solid (e.g. liquid, frozen food) and heavy duty (e.g. ground, compost, tarmac) styles.

Supplied as standard with 2 metres of coiled extension lead with a moulded miniature plug attached.

Options available for probe diameter, probe length, extension lead and connector (depending on style).

Can be supplied with an insulated or grounded sensing junction.

Maximum temperature: +400°C (types K and J), +300°C (type T).

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  • Semi-Solid Style (TBAR-SS)

    • Sharp pointed tip probe, suitable for semi-solid applications
    • 100mm length probe x 6mm OD
    • 80mm length handle x 12mm OD
    • 2m coiled lead with miniature plug as standard *


    Heavy Duty Style (TBAR-HD)

    • Wedge/chisel tip probe, suitable for heavy duty applications
    • 1000mm length probe x 11mm OD (other lengths available)
    • 130mm length handle x 16mm OD
    • 2m coiled lead with miniature plug as standard *


    * other constructions/lengths available

  • Item Code
    Sensor Type  Semi-Solid TBAR-SS
    Heavy Duty TBAR-HD
    Conductor/Thermocouple Type   Type K K
    Type J J
    Type T T
    Probe Diameter (D) (mm) Semi-Solid: 6.0mm (fixed) 6.0
    Heavy Duty: as required e.g. 11.0
    Probe Length (L) (mm)  Semi-Solid: 100mm (fixed) 100
    Heavy Duty: as required e.g. 1000
    Sensing Junction Insulated I
    Grounded G
    Cable Length (mm) As required (add CLY suffix to code) e.g. 2000mm CLY
     Connector  Miniature Plug (standard) FMP
    Standard Plug (optional) RSP


    Order Code (example - Semi-Solid): TBAR-SS-K-6.0-100-I-2000mm CLY-FMP

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Note: Other constructions/lengths are available. Contact sales for further information.