Plastics Industry

Thermosense manufacture and supply temperature sensors and accessories for use within the Plastics industry, for extrusion and moulding machines, as well as necessary instrumentation. Suitable for high and low temperatures.

The plastics industry spans a wide range of processes, with each step requiring accurate temperature measurement to achieve consistently high product quality. Thermosense understands the intricacies and we offer a comprehensive range of temperature sensors to meet these demands.

Type J thermocouples are the most commonly used sensors in this industry, although Thermocouple types K, T and N are also available. Thermocouples offer a rapid response to temperature change as well as highly accurate readings, whereas Pt100 sensors offer higher accuracy than thermocouples.

Our temperature sensors play vital roles in monitoring and controlling temperatures in the extruders, moulds and many more critical parts of the production process. Various sensor types are available including:

• Bayonet Thermocouples and RTD Pt100 sensors

• Bolt Thermocouples and RTD Pt100 sensors

• Washer Thermocouples and RTD Pt100 sensors

• Adjustable ring (jubilee or pipe) Thermocouples

• Melt Bolt Thermocouples

Alongside the sensors, Thermosense also provide the latest in top of the range instrumentation, to be used within the panels of machines, vital to control and monitor the temperatures within each application. Temperature controllers of multiple DIN sizes (48 x 96mm, 1/8 DIN being the most popular), in both single and multi-channel, solid state relays, chart recorders and Human Machine Interfaces (HMI).