PFA Insulated RTD Cable (-75ºC to +260ºC)

Product Code: PT4220...PT4620

A selection of extension cable for use with RTD sensors.

Multi cores of stranded 7/0.2mm diameter conductors. Each conductor is extruded PFA insulated and sheathed (black). The cores are twisted together.

Temperature rated -75°C to +260°C.

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    • Temperature rated -75°C to +260°C
    • Suitable for use with Platinum Resistance Thermometers (Pt100, Pt130, Pt500, Pt1000) and Nickel Resistance Thermometers
    • Available as 2-Wire, 3-Wire, 4-Wire, 6-Wire (for duplex 3-wire) and 8-Wire (for duplex 4-wire)
    • Colour coded cores for easy identification
    • Supplied with a stranded 7/0.2mm diameter tinned copper conductor as standard
  • Number of Cores Dimensions (approximate) Core Colours Order Code
    2 2.3mm 1 x Red, 1 x White PT4220
    3 2.5mm 2 x Red, 1 x White PT4320
    4 2.5mm 2 x Red, 2 x White PT4420
    6 3.0mm 4 x Red, 2 x White PT4620
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