The HH-808 is a lightweight handheld thermometer & data logger with a large LCD display that can accept up to 8 simultaneous thermocouple inputs. It is ideal for easily taking multiple readings in real-time or logging multiple temperature points over time. The large LCD display has a configurable sample rate and a backlight that can be toggled on and off to make readings easy to see in almost any lighting conditions.

These units are simple to operate and configure from the large easily legible buttons for quick and hassle-free deployment.

Easily and instantly switch between thermocouple types at the touch of a button, Types K, J, E, T, R, S, N, B.

Powered by one 9V battery or an optional power adaptor, the unit is capable of sampling, processing and displaying measurements without being connected to a computer and will store recorded data to its own on-board memory.

With user friendly, free software you can quickly download and view your recorded data, name your device, give each channel a unique label, export to CSV or PDF formats and even take a snapshot of your data as a trend for easier viewing and integration with your reports.

This product can be supplied with a calibration certificate.