A cost effective "smart" duct-mounted humidity/temperature transmitter with a single, two wire 4~20mA output or dual, two wire 4~20mA output. The design uses a digital sensor which plugs into the sensor stem.

The product will measure humidity, temperature, dew point and delta T (the difference between dewpoint and ambient temperature) values.

An LCD display option is also available which provides a visual indication of the process parameters. The display may be set to indicate either humidity, temperature, dew point or toggle between all three parameters.

Supplied pre-ranged, but can easily be configured using the TX-KIT (USB Transmitter Configuration Kit), if required.

Stem length: 266mm long.

A datalogging feature is provided via either USB or NFC (compatible Android device) connectivity.

This product can be supplied with a calibration certificate.

Also available with 120mm and 530mm stem lengths. Contact us for further information.