USB Transmitter Configuration Kit

Product Code: TX-KIT

Enables easy programming of XW/WR/XDĀ transmitters and PTX sensor by following the simple software instructions. The free software is available via a link below.

The TX-KIT can be used to program the following transmitters:

XW Wall-Mounted Humidity/Temperature Transmitter

XD Duct-Mounted Humidity/Temperature Transmitter

XR Wall-Mounted Humidity/Temperature Transmitter with Remote Sensor

RTD (Pt100) Sensor with 4~20mA Transmitter

The product being programmed is automatically powered from the computer's USB port, so no additional power supply is required.

  • Features
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  • Software
    • Enables easy programming of XW/XR/XD transmitters and PTX sensor
    • 1 x USB A/M to Jack configurator lead
    • 1 x Jack socket to crock clip adaptor (Head Mounting transmitters)
    • 1 x Jack socket to Pin connectors (DIN rail transmitters)
    • 1 x USB A/M to mini B/M connector
  • Free TX-KIT Software for XW/XR/XD Transmitters

    Free TX-KIT Software for XW/XR/XD Transmitters

    Compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 or later.