Flanged Thermowell Assemblies

Product Code: WF

Our flanged thermowells can be manufactured to suit your requirements. Ex-stock options with a 1.5" ANSI 150 lb Raised Face flange are available.

The stems of the wells are supplied machined, as standard, from solid 316 stainless steel barstock for lengths up to 300mm. For longer lengths they may be of a fabricated construction. Tapered stems, which offer greater physical strength, can also be supplied if required.

Every thermowell is internally pressure tested to a minimum of 3000 psi. Test certificates are available on request.

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    • Can be manufactured to suit your requirements
    • Available ex-stock with a 1.5" ANSI 150 lb RF flange
    • Machined from 316 Stainless Steel solid barstock (up to 300mm)
    • Alternative materials available
  • No software available

Alternative materials are available. Please contact sales for further information.