Type K Brake Disc Rubbing Style Thermocouple Sensor

Product Code: TK-KP

Normally used by the automotive industry to monitor brake disc temperatures.

The design incorporates a fully floating shoe onto which a miniature mineral insulated thermocouple is mounted. The stainless steel bracket has a 5.0mm diameter hole, used for fixing the sensor into position. The spring pressure setting can be adjusted by means of a screw and locknut.

The stainless steel wire braided cable length is approximately 300mm and the sensors are supplied with a miniature thermocouple plug that is rated to +200°C. The sensing junction is insulated as standard.

Suitable for use up to +800°C.

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    • Normally used to monitor brake disc temperatures
    • Spring pressure adjustment by screw/locknut
    • Supplied with miniature mineral insulated thermocouple
    • Suitable for use up to +800°C
  • No software available