Metal Sheathed Heavy Duty Thermocouple Sensor with Standard Head

Product Code: THD

Commonly used in applications where a robust, heavy duty construction and improved chemical resistance are necessary, such as incinerators. The THD sensors are mechanically strong and available with 12.7mm, 15.8mm and 21.3mm probe diameters, in lengths to suit your application requirements.

As standard they are supplied with an IP67 rated heavy duty die cast alloy terminal head (M20 x 1.5mm cable entry thread). They have a robust 6.0mm diameter, mineral insulated, metal sheathed spring loaded insert which is mounted into the head via two spring-loaded screws. The spring loading ensures a good contact with the outer sheath which improves the speed of response and performance.

The screw top lid has a robust chain ensuring it remains attached to the head. A ceramic terminal block inside the head makes connections to the extension cable very simple. The sensor can also be supplied with a linearised 4~20mA transmitter which can be pre-ranged to suit your requirements.

This product can be supplied with a calibration certificate. Contact sales for further information. This product can be supplied with a calibration certificate. Contact sales for further information.
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    • 12.7mm, 15.8mm or 21.3mm Ø metal probe
    • Accuracy to IEC 60584.2 Class 1 or Class 2
    • Terminated with IP67 rated heavy duty die cast alloy head (M20 cable entry)
    • Colour coded terminals, IEC 60584.3 (BS EN 60584.3)
    • Spring loaded insert
  • Item Code
    Sensor Type Metal Sheathed Heavy Duty Thermocouple Sensor with Standard Terminal Head THD
    Conductor/Thermocouple Type Type K K
    Type J J
    Type T T
    Type N N
    Type E E
    Type R R
    Type S S
    Metal Sheath Material 316 Stainless Steel +800°C max 316
    310 Stainless Steel +1100°C max 310
    Inconel 600 * +1100°C max 600
    253MA +1150°C max 253
    Chrome Iron (446) +1150°C max 446
    Probe Diameter (D1)   12.7mm (1/2 inch) 12.7
    15.8mm (5/8 inch)  15.8
    21.3mm (13/16 inch)  21.3
    Sensing Junction  Insulated (isolated, ungrounded), Simplex I
    Insulated (isolated, ungrounded), Duplex  2I
    Probe Length (mm) (L1) As required to suit your application e.g. 300
    Optional 316 Stainless Steel Compression Fitting (to suit probe diameter) **

    Add suffix to code: ES for 1/2", GS for 3/4" (e.g. CF158ES)

    12.7mm (1/2" BSPT, 3/4" BSPT) CF127
    15.8mm (1/2" BSPT, 3/4" BSPT) CF158
    21.3mm (3/4" BSPT) CF213

    Optional Mild Steel Flange (to suit probe diameter) **

    (4", 101mm, black, powder coated)

    12.7mm FL12
    15.8mm FL15
    21.3mm FL21
    Optional Head Mounting 4~20mA Transmitter

    Linearised, head mounting 4~20mA transmitter, 24VDC power supply, non-isolated. Replaces ceramic terminal block (pre-ranged to suit your requirements).

    ATEX versions also available.

    TXHU (range)


    TXHU (0/200°C)


    * May react with Type R or S conductors causing premature failure

    ** Can choose an optional compression fitting OR a mild steel flange (not both)


    Order Code (example): THD-K-316-12.7-I-300-CF127ES-TXHU (0/200°C)

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