The curved surface aluminium bodied sensors are specifically designed for mounting onto the surface of a pipe. The pipe temperature can be used to identify whether the product or medium is flowing.

Supplied as standard as a 4-wire configuration (2 & 3-wire options also available), Simplex, with Grade B or A Pt100 or Pt1000 elements. The extension cable has flexible 7/0.2mm diameter PFA insulated conductors which are twisted then Silicone Rubber sheathed. Suitable for use between temperatures of -30…+200° C.

The aluminium body ensures optimal heat transfer from the pipe surface to the measuring element. The thermal conductivity is approximately twice as good as brass and much better that stainless steel. The sensor is compact which results in minimal heat dissipation. The curved sensor suits a wide range of pipe diameters, from 12mm up to 30mm.

The sensors are easy to install: simply strap to the pipe using plastic cable ties, worm-drive hose clips or metal straps (application dependent). It is generally advised to insulate / lag over the sensor to reduce the effect of the ambient temperature on the sensor readings.

This product can be supplied with a calibration certificate.