The TX-USB configuration kit can be used to configure/program the following products:

A USB module, interface cable (75cm), USB extension cable (100cm) and head mounting transmitter adaptor is supplied with the kit. The latest version of the software can be downloaded for free using the links below.

Once the software has been installed simply connect the interface lead to the transmitter/indicator and the USB interface will provide the necessary power. The software will allow you to program the transmitter/indicator to suit your application requirements. Parameters include:

  • Input (selectable between RTD and Thermocouple Types)
  • Temperature Range (°C or °F)
  • Upscale or Downscale drive
  • Zero Adjustment (for calibration)

The software also displays the wiring configuration for the product connected to assist with installation and operation. It will also check for errors and perform a test once the configuration is completed and display a trend graph of the input and output. Setup profiles can be saved for auto / repeat programming at a later date.