The TOHO TTM-i4N is a cost-effective and highly versatile temperature controller designed to meet market demands. Drawing upon decades of experience, research, and development, TOHO has unveiled this budget-friendly solution. The TTM-i4N builds upon the architecture of TOHO's flagship TTM-200 series, incorporating updated technologies, TOHO's renowned quality, and a fresh, modern design aesthetic.

These instruments combine top-notch features at an affordable price point. Powered by a high-speed processor, the TTM-i4N achieves impressive 250ms sample rates, along with ultra-fuzzy logic and PID control, resulting in the most precise temperature control possible.

Furthermore, these units have three outputs as standard, making them ideal for dual alarms or configuring heat/cool motorized valve control. With a built-in timer, ramp function and dozens of alarm configurations the TOHO TTM-i4N is a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for a wide range of temperature control applications.

This product can be supplied with a calibration certificate.