Miniature Embedment/Bearing Thermocouple Sensor

Product Code: TTB

Embedment thermocouple sensors are most commonly used to monitor the bearing temperatures of rotating equipment. The recognition of a rising temperature can provide an early warning of the breakdown of the lubrication. This early warning allows the process to be shut-down for maintenance before a major breakdown or costly failure occurs.

The miniature bearing sensors provide a cost-effective solution to bearing temperature monitoring.

Suitable for use between -25°C and +260°C.

Easy to install, the sensors are inserted directly into the bearing shoes, in or beneath the Babbitt layer. The small diameter tips are commonly epoxy sealed into drilled holes in the shoes, whilst the spring loaded style tip is inserted into a milled hole, the self-locking retaining clip is then pushed into the hole to compress the spring.

The D (Top-Hat) Style Tip is supplied with a retaining clip and spring.

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    • Cost-effective solution to bearing temperature monitoring
    • Easy to install
    • Cap and Top-Hat tip styles
    • Stainless steel and phosphor bronze tip materials
    • Custom extension cable lengths
    • Insulated measuring junction gives high insulation resistance


  • Sensor Type Code
    Miniature Embedment/Bearing Thermocouple Sensor TTB


    Conductor/Thermocouple Type Code
    Type K K
    Type J J
    Type T T


    Tip Style & Dimensions
    Standard Tip Code   Top-Hat Tip Code
    Tip Diameter (D1) Tip Length (L1)

    Phosphor Bronze

    Stainless Steel

      Tip Diameter (D1) Tip Length (L1)

    Stainless Steel

    3.0mm 8.0mm ZS   6.0mm 6.0mm THC
    3.2mm (1/8") 8.0mm AP AS   6.35mm 6.0mm THD
    4.0mm 9.0mm BP BS   Top-Hat Tip Accessories
    6.0mm 6.0mm CP CS   RC846 Retaining Clip 8mm OD x 4mm ID, 6 prongs
    6.35mm (1/4") 8.0mm - DS   RS126 Spring 12mm x 6mm Ø


    Sensing Junction Code
    Simplex, Insulated S
    Duplex, Insulated  D


    Extension Cable Length (L2) Cable Construction Junction Code

    As required to suit your application

    (e.g. 1000mm)

    7/0.15mm conductors, extruded PFA, Twisted (no outer sheath) Simplex CT02
    7/0.20mm conductors, extruded PFA, Twisted, extruded PFA overall Simplex CT25
    7/0.15mm conductors, extruded PFA, Twisted, Stainless Steel Wire Braided overall Simplex CT02/SSB
    7/0.15mm conductors, PTFE Taped & Sintered, Twisted, PTFE Taped & Sintered, Stainless Steel Wire Braided overall Simplex CT04/SSB
    2 pairs, 7/0.2mm conductors, extruded PFA, twisted, extruded PFA Duplex CTM02
    2 pairs, 7/0.2mm conductors, extruded PFA, twisted, extruded PFA, Stainless Steel Wire braided overall Duplex CTM02/SSB


    Optional Oil Seal Barrier *
    Diameter (mm) Std Length (mm)  Code
    D2 L3
    3.0 60.0

     OSB Diameter x Std Length

    (e.g. OSB 6.0 x 60.0)   

    3.2 (1/8") 60.0
    4.76 (3/16") 60.0
    5.5 60.0
    6.0 60.0
    6.35 (1/4") 60.0

    * Tested to a minimum pressure of 5 bar for a minimum of 30 minutes


    Extension Cable
    Compatibility (prefix code with required length L4 - e.g. 1000mm CT02/SSB)
    Simplex Code Duplex Code
    CT02, CT02/SSB -
    CT02, CT02/SSB -
    CT02, CT25, CT02/SSB, CT04/SSB CTM02, CTM02/SSB
    CT02, CT25, CT02/SSB, CT04/SSB CTM02, CTM02/SSB
    CT02, CT25, CT02/SSB, CT04/SSB CTM02, CTM02/SSB
    CT02, CT25, CT02/SSB, CT04/SSB CTM02, CTM02/SSB


    Without oil seal barrier L2 = tip to tails.

    With oil seal barrier L2 = tip to oil seal barrier, L3 = oil seal barrier, L4 = oil seal barrier to tails

    Order Code Example (with oil seal barrier):

    TTB - K - AP - S - 500mm CT02/SSB - OSB 6.0 x 60.0 - 1000mm CT02/SSB

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