Embedment thermocouple sensors are most commonly used to monitor the bearing temperatures of rotating equipment. The recognition of a rising temperature can provide an early warning of the breakdown of the lubrication. This early warning allows the process to be shut-down for maintenance before a major breakdown or costly failure occurs.

The miniature bearing sensors provide a cost-effective solution to bearing temperature monitoring.

Suitable for use between -25°C and +260°C.

Easy to install, the sensors are inserted directly into the bearing shoes, in or beneath the Babbitt layer. The small diameter tips are commonly epoxy sealed into drilled holes in the shoes, whilst the spring loaded style tip is inserted into a milled hole, the self-locking retaining clip is then pushed into the hole to compress the spring.

The D (Top-Hat) Style Tip is supplied with a retaining clip and spring.

This product can be supplied with a calibration certificate.