Magnet Thermocouple Sensor

Product Code: TG

25mm diameter magnet thermocouple sensor, supplied with a protective metal cap. Designed for use on metal surfaces where drilling or gluing is not possible.

The spring loaded tip ensures that the sensor is kept in contact with the surface.

Commonly supplied with a 2 metre, PFA insulated, stranded 7/0.2mm diameter extension cable - custom cable lengths and fibreglass insulation options are also available.

A smaller magnet is also available, if required.

The sensing junction is grounded for fast response.

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    • Thermocouple types K, J, T, N
    • For metal surfaces where drilling or gluing is not possible
    • Smaller magnet also available
  • Item Code
    Sensor Type Magnet Thermocouple Sensor TG
    Conductor/Thermocouple Type    Type K K
    Type J  J
    Type T  T
    Type N  N
    Extension Cable Length As required to suit your application e.g. 2000
    Cable Insulation PFA, 7/0.2mm Ø (+260°C) CT45
    Fibreglass, 7/0.2mm Ø (+400°C) CG32
    Fibreglass (St/St Braid), 7/0.2mm Ø (+400°C) CG39

    Optional Thermocouple Connector

    (supplied attached to cable)

    Miniature Thermocouple Plug (Types K, J, T, N) FMP


    Order Code (example): TG-K-2000-CT45-FMP

  • No software available

Please note: the magnet strength can be affected by the ambient temperature and thickness of the metal surface.