The skin/catalyst/exhaust sensors are designed to measure Exhaust system outer skin temperatures, but are commonly used to measure surface temperatures, including pipe temperatures.

Available with a probe diameter of 1.5mm and supplied with a crimped stainless steel pot seal. The 1.5mm probe section is flexible allowing the sensors to be bent to suit the application.

Supplied with a fixed position stainless steel mounting plate at the tip and a free running stainless steel support plate. The front plate is spot welded near the tip of the sensor. The plates can be spot welded into position during the installation. The free running mounting plate provides additional mounting support wherever the second fixing can be positioned.

The pot is epoxy resin sealed to prevent moisture ingress; the resin is rated for continuous use up to +220°C. The sensors are normally supplied with 310 Stainless Steel sheath materials, other sheath materials may be available on request. Can be supplied as Simplex or Duplex with an Insulated or Grounded sensing junction,

The mineral insulated construction enables the sensors to be bent, twisted, or flattened without impairing performance. The bending radius of the sheath is 10 x probe diameter; this can be reduced to 4 x, if a bending set is used.

This product can be supplied with a calibration certificate.