4 Channel Indicator / Temperature Controller (Thermocouple Input)

Product Code: PRO-T

Four channel Thermocouple (Types K, J, T, N, R) indicator/temperature controller, ideal for numerous industrial temperature applications. The required thermocouple input is programmable via the unit front fascia.

One of the key features of the PRO-R controller is the ability to average the inputs across 2, 3 or 4 temperature channels, and use this averaged value for a display source or for setpoint activation.

The units are supplied with 4 relay contacts which can be configured as alarms or used for on/off control.

A retransmission output is available as an option which will allow a single channel (selectable) to be retransmitted. An RS232 or RS485 communication module can also be specified.

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    • Thermocouple input (K, J, T, N, R)
    • Ideal for numerous industrial temperature applications
    • Ability to average the inputs across 2, 3 or 4 temperature channels
    • Supplied with 4 relay contacts
    • Retransmission output available
    • RS232 or RS485 communication modules available
  • Technical Details
    Sensor Input Thermocouple Types K, J, T, N, R (programmable via front fascia)
    Display 1x6 digit (13mm), 14 segment alphanumeric LED. IP65 dust/splash proof.
    Power Supply HV (85-265V AC/95-370V DC) or LV (15-48V AC/10-72V DC)
    Relay Output 2 or 4 x 5A Form A relays
    Analog Output / Retransmission

    1 x isolated 16 bit analog output, 4-20mA or 0-10V.

    Can be wired for either current or voltage. Fully scalable. Window programmable over any range within the controller's full-scale range

    Communication (Serial Port)


    Isolated RS232 (RJ11) or RS485 (screw terminal)

    Output mode: Custom ASCII, Modbus RTU slave, Graphit or Ranger A (5 updates/sec)

    Data rate: 1200–115k2 baud

    Parity: Odd, even or none

    Temperature Units Degrees C or F
    Processing Rate 10Hz
    Resolution 0.1°C
    Zero Drift ±40nV/°C
    Span Drift ±20ppm/°C FS max
    Non-linearity 1°C max
    Input Noise 160nVp-p typical at 1Hz output rate
    Noise Rejection 50/60Hz
    Output Rate Fixed 10Hz averaged per channel
    Security Calibration and setpoint functions have independent security code access
    Dimensions 96mm (W) x 48mm (H) x 120mm (D)
    Cutout Dimensions 92mm (W) x 45mm (H)


    Technical Details
    Model PRO-T 4 Channel Indicator / Temperature Controller (On/Off) - Thermocouple Input
    Power Supply 85-265V AC/95-370V DC
    15-48V AC/10-72V DC
    Relay Output 2 x 5A Form A Relays
    4 x 5A Form A Relays
    Analog Output / Retransmission * 1 x mA/V Analog Output


    (Serial Port)

    1 x RS232 (RJ11 terminal)
    1 x RS485 (screw terminal)


    * one channel only can be retransmitted

  • No software available