The HDT-WiFi-VACX measures the temperature of a probe fitted within a glycol-filled bottle, designed to mimic the temperature response of vaccine samples. Data is streamed wirelessly over any compatible Wi-Fi network and can be viewed on any internet-enabled device, via browser or free mobile app.

Device setup and connection to a Wi-Fi network and the EasyLog Cloud are simple, just download the free EasyLog WiFi PC software or the free EasyLog Cloud mobile app and follow the device setup wizard. The device can be placed anywhere within range of the Wi-Fi network. If the device temporarily loses connectivity with the Wi-Fi network, it will log readings until it is able to communicate again with the EasyLog Cloud (max. 30 days at 10 second sample interval).

The sensor is IEEE 802.11bgn (2.4GHz) compliant (MAC Address starting 98:8B:AD:2 only), supports WEP, WPA/WPA2 encryption and enterprise networks (PEAP, TTLS, FAST).

The HDT-WiFi-VACX has a protection rating of IP42, and the probe IP67. The device is freestanding, but can be attached to a wall or surface using the bracket provided, and clipped in and out of the bracket as required. This device is equipped with a translucent back to show a red flashing indicator when it is in an alarm state as well as a moderate volume sounder to alert anyone in close proximity.

Lascar Product Code: EL-WiFi-VACX

This product can be supplied with a calibration certificate.