The HCAL1 mA Loop Calibrator is a high precision, multi-function, hand-held calibrator designed for the process control industry. Using the latest ARM processor, the HCAL1 becomes a powerful field instrument, with the added feature of datalogging. Its speciality is milliamp loop powered instruments which it can measure, source and simulate. Sourcing can be increment, step, ramp or valve stroking. DC voltage and circuit continuity can also be measured.

The Trend logging feature with programmable time base is supplied for long term loop monitoring. It can display values in mA and % or % and mA, with built in 24V excitation loop power. The logging facility stores data on the 2GB SD card supplied, which is easily downloaded to a PC via the onboard USB port and usable in most common spreadsheet formats. Ideal for graphing temperature profiles and PID controller optimization with a programmable timebase.

Its user friendly, compact size and high precision make the HCAL1 an ideal choice for industrial field or workshop calibration. Supplied with carry case, protective rubber boot, battery, charger, test leads and 2GB SD card.

This product can be supplied with a calibration certificate.