Multi Pair XLPE/LS0H Unarmoured Thermocouple Cable (-30°C to +90°C)

Product Code: CMZ502...CMZ512

A very useful thermocouple cable construction allowing multiple channels to be carried, for example, from junction box to instrumentation.

Multi pairs of stranded 16/0.2mm (0.5mm²) or 24/0.2mm (0.75mm²) conductors. Each conductor is XLPE insulated. The pairs are numbered and twisted together, individually and collectively screened with an aluminium bonded polyester tape, in contact throughout with a bare copper drain wire.

Sheathed overall with LS0H.

Round construction.

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    • Temperature rated -30°C to +90°C
    • Available in Thermocouple Extension Grades KX, JX, TX, NX, EX
    • Available in Thermocouple Compensating Grades KCB, RCA
    • Standard conductor size: 16/0.2mm (0.5mm²)
    • Colour coded to IEC 60584.3 (BS EN 60584.3). ANSI MC96.1 colours available on request
    • Conforms to IEC 60332.3.24 Category C
  • Conductor Size Pairs Dimensions (approximate) Profile KX KCB JX TX NX EX RCA Order Code
    16/0.2mm Ø(0.5mm²) 2 10mm Round Y Y Y Y Y Y Y CMZ502
    6 13mm Round Y Y Y Y Y Y Y CMZ506
    12 18mm Round Y Y Y Y Y Y Y CMZ512
  • No software available

Type KX (green) cable images shown for illustrative purposes only