Single Pair High Temperature Vitreous Silica Braided Cable (up to +1200°C)

Product Code: CGC08...CGC13

Single pair of solid conductors. Each conductor is Ceramic fibre braided, the pair is laid flat and Ceramic fibre braided overall.

Supplied white without saturants or coloured tracers.

Temperature rated up to +1200°C (+1316°C single exposure).

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    • Temperature rated up to +1200°C (+1316°C single exposure)
    • Available in Thermocouple Extension Grades, KX, NX, EX
  • Conductor Size Dimensions (approximate) Profile KX KCB JX TX NX EX RCA Order Code
    1/0.8mm Ø (0.5mm²) 2.3mm x 3.9mm Oval Y N N N Y Y N CGC08
    1/1.29mm Ø (1.3mm²) 2.8mm x 4.9mm Oval Y N N N Y Y N CGC13
  • No software available