Suitable for use in high temperature applications such as ovens, kilns and furnaces.

Commonly used in Heat Treatment applications. Also known as Furnace Wire.

One pair of solid 1/0.711mm diameter conductors. Each conductor is high temperature glass braided (+700°C constant, +800°C intermittent) and silicone varnished. The pair is twisted together.

Conductors: KX (to BS EN 60584.1 pt 4), Class 1 to BS EN 60584.2 (0...800°C).

Colour coded to IEC 60584.3 (Green +ve, White –ve) or ANSI MC96.1 (Yellow +ve, Red -ve).

Supplied in 100 metre lengths on plastic reels.

Temperature rated up to +700°C constant (+800°C intermittent).

This product can be supplied with a calibration certificate.