Fixed Position Infrared Thermometers

High quality, compact non-contact temperature sensors with outstanding response times. Available with 15:1, 25:1, 30:1 and 75:1 field of views. PyroCouple and PyroUSB versions available. Accessories also available.

(HLP-BF/HLU-BF) Fixed Mounting Bracket

Product Code: HLP-BF/HLU-BF

(HLP-BA/HLU-BA) Adjustable Mounting Bracket

Product Code: HLP-BA/HLU-BA

(HLP-LST/HLU-LST) Laser Sighting Tool

Product Code: HLP-LST/HLU-LST

(HLP-AP/HLU-AP) Air Purge Collar

Product Code: HLP-AP/HLU-AP

(HLP-WJ/HLU-WJ) Air/Water Cooled Housing

Product Code: HLP-WJ/HLU-WJ