FEMA Capillary Tube Thermostat

Product Code: TAM

With 1.5m Capillary Tube

The sensor cartridge at the end of the capillary tube is the actual active (temperature sensitive) part of the sensor. Changes in temperature on the capillary tube have no effect on the switching point. Pressure-tight installation of the sensor in pressure vessels of all kinds is possible with the aid of an immersion well.

For further information regarding immersion wells please contact sales.

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    • 1.5m capillary tube
    • Various setting ranges
    • 8mm Ø, 100mm long sensor cartridge
    • Protection class IP54
  • Technical Details
    Housing Material Die cast aluminium GD AI Si 12 to DIN 1725
    Mounting Position Any, preferably vertical
    Electrical Connection Plug DIN EN 175301
    Protection Class IP54 according to DIN EN60529 (with vertical installation)
    Ambient Temperature  -15°C to +70°C
    Switch Function/Capacity  SPDT 250 VAC, 8(5) A
    Capillary Tube Cu capillary tube, 1.5m long
    Sensor Cartridge 8mm Ø, 100mm long, Cu material
    Contact Arrangement Single pole changeover switch
    Switching Temperature Adjustable via the setting spindle with a screwdriver
    Switching Differential Not adjustable


  • Setting Range Switching Differential Max. Permissable Order Code
    (mean values) Temperature at Sensor
    -20°C to +20°C 1.5 K +110°C TAM022
    +10°C to +50°C 1.5 K +110°C TAM150
    +40°C to +90°C 2.0 K +125°C TAM490
    +80°C to +130°C 2.0 K +150°C TAM813
  • No software available

FEMA immersion wells to suit the above also available. Contact sales for further information.