3-in-1 Temperature Meter

Product Code: HM-2000

Thermocouple, Pt100 and Infrared measurement - all in one!

Easy to use hand-held indicator: simply connect a Thermocouple using a miniature flat-pinned plug, Pt100 using a 4-pinned DIN style connector, and take a reading. Alternatively use the Infrared facility with laser targeting.

Operating Temperature: 0 to 50°C, Operating Humidity: < 80%.

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    • Selectable between °C and °F
    • Front panel offset adjustment
    • Over-temperature indication
    • Data hold
    • Memory recall (Min/Max)
  • Technical Details
    Inputs Thermocouple Types K, J, T, R, E (via miniature plug)
    4-wire Pt100 (4 pin DIN plug connector)
    Temperature Range Thermocouple Types K, J, T, R, E -100°C to +1700°C
    Pt100 (4-wire) -200°C to +850°C
    Infrared -20°C to +400°C
    Resolution Thermocouple Types K, J, T, E 0.1°
    Thermocouple Type R 1.0°
    Infrared 1.0°
    Emissivity Adjustable from 0.2 to 1.0
    Optical Resolution 7:1 (distance to spot size ratio)
    Operating Temperature 0°C to +50°C (+32°F to +122°F)
    Operating Humidity < 80% RH
    Power 1 x 9V battery (supplied)
    Dimensions 200mm (H) x 68mm (W) x 30mm (D)
    Weight 220g


  • No software available