Single Pair Heat Resistant (HR) PVC Screened and Armoured Cable (-30°C to +105°C)

Product Code: CP75...CP90

The most common and cost effective insulation material. Commonly used for general wiring.

One pair of solid or stranded conductors. Each conductor is Heat Resistant PVC insulated. The pair is twisted together then screened with an aluminium bonded polyester tape, in contact throughout with a bare copper drain wire. Heat Resistant PVC bedded, steel wire armoured and sheathed with Heat Resistant PVC.

Note: "CP" cables are being superceded with the new "CQ" cables in the Heat Resistant and Flame Retardant PVC Insulations category

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    • Temperature rated -30°C to +105°C
    • Available in Thermocouple Extension Grades KX, JX, TX, NX, EX
    • Available in Thermocouple Compensating Grades KCB, RCA
    • Colour coded to IEC 60584.3 (BS EN 60584.3). ANSI MC96.1 colours available on request
  • Conductor Size Dimensions (approximate) Profile KX KCB JX TX NX EX RCA Order Code
    16/0.2mm Ø(0.5mm²) 10mm Round Y Y Y Y Y Y Y CP75
    1/1.29mm Ø (1.3mm²) 11.5mm Round Y N Y Y Y Y Y CP90
  • No software available