Welded Tip Fast Response Thermocouple Sensors for Autoclave & Steriliser Applications

Product Code: TW

Welded tip sensors manufactured from PTFE insulated cable in a single-shot construction. The single-shot construction prevents leakage / wicking caused by capillary action.

Ideal for use in composite autoclaves and steriliser applications. The two thermocouple wires are welded at the tip to form an exposed thermocouple junction which gives a fast speed of response.

The sensors can be supplied in any length to suit your application, commonly supplied with a miniature or standard plug or socket attached for easy, quick connections.

Cable construction: Single pair of solid 1/0.376mm diameter conductors. The wire is laid flat and PTFE extruded in a single shot construction. Provides a gas, steam and water-tight insulation.

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    • Temperature rated -75°C to +250°C
    • Available In Thermocouple Types K, J, T
    • Single shot construction prevents leakage / wicking caused by capillary action
    • Colour coded as standard to IEC 60584.3 (BS EN 60584.3). ANSI MC96.1 colours available on request
    • Available with bare wire tails, plug or socket end termination
    • The insulation is very flexible and resistant to most known chemicals, fluids and oils
  • Technical Details
    Sensor Type Welded Tip Fast Response Thermocouple Sensor
    Conductor/Thermocouple Type Type K, Type J, Type T
    Cable Insulation PTFE (Single Shot) (-75°C to +250°C)
    Conductor Diameter 0.376mm
    Cable Length (mm) As required to suit your application

    Optional Thermocouple Connector

    (supplied attached to cable)

    Not required
    Miniature Thermocouple Plug
    Miniature Thermocouple Socket
    Standard Thermocouple Plug
    Standard Thermocouple Socket
  • No software available