Nozzle/Band Heaters

Product Code: LB

These stainless steel heaters are designed to clamp around barrels, metal pipes or tubular chambers to inject heat from the outside. The heaters are Mica insulated elements, clamped and protected by a formed steel plate. The split ring design allows the heater to be slipped over the barrel / tube and fastened into place by roll bolt clamps.

The standard design incorporates stainless steel braided, fibreglass insulated connection cable, with an earth lead for bonding. The bands can be designed to incorporate cut-outs, various lengths, diameters and termination options.

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    • Designed to clamp around barrels, metal pipes and tubular chambers
    • Anti-rust stainless steel band body, Mica insulated elements
    • Supplied as standard with stainless steel braided, fibreglass insulated cable
  • To Suit Pipe OD (mm) Width (mm) Wattage (W) Voltage (V) Order Code
    25 25 120 240 LB25-25-120-240
    35 45 225 240 LB35-45-225-240
    38 38 175 240 LB38-38-175-240
    40 50 280 240 LB40-50-280-240
    50 50 300 240 LB50-50-300-240
  • Technical Details
    Heater Band Body Anti-rust coated steel
    Element Insulation Insulated element wire sandwiched by Mica sheet
    Cable Stainless steel braided, glass fibre insulated x 1000mm long
    Supply Voltage 240V AC Nominal (other voltages available)
    Max. Operating Temperature Approximately +280°C at 1.55W/cm²
    Wattage Nominal Wattage varies with voltage. W2=W1 (E2/E1)²
    (W1 = rated wattage, W2 = actual wattage, E1 = rated voltage, E2 = supply voltage)
  • No software available

Note: other diameters, widths and wattages are available. Please contact sales for further information.